Procurement Services


Procurement and purchasing


Procurement and Purchasing within Hotels & Spa's has taken a dive into a pricing war rather than delivering the best, highest quality product, that ultimate delivers to the market segment that the Hotel or Spa is aiming for. 


Focus on volume, focus on getting quotes takes over the rule of thumb within purchasing in Hospitality. Luckily this is changing back, slowly but surely to what it really should be.

The Hotel purchasing is a complicated process; the guest or client needs to be understood, as well as the company strategy, the current client mix. A great understanding of exactly what the guest is looking for or what she or he needs has to be communicated by the sales & marketing department to the purchasing personnel.


Design Hotel Supplies, makes it a part of the overall delivery to understand, visualize and assist in the purchasing process. We also assist the hotel purchasing director of agent to attract the best possible product at the best price!


Design Hotel Supplies is a part of Mocinno International, the global consulting firm. The company is specialist in Hotel & Spa Procurement services, with particular expertise in Hotel pre-opening services. With the operational skills and knowledge within the Hotel industry we set a very strong platform to deliver quality, uniqueness and exceeding budget goals, that suits your market segment.

The selection of suppliers is a structured process, and a true global one. With our head office for Design Hotel Supplies in Stockholm, Sweden and offices in the UAE, Spain and the United Kingdom, we offer project management, design and support, based on local market knowledge and an international team.

Clients range from boutique to chain hotels. A more complete list of past and current projects can be found on the Mocinno International site.

At the center of the entire procurement process, are the suppliers. We work with selected suppliers for almost 10 years and continue to build relationships with adding those with innovative and high quality products, which can make a difference to hotels.